DIRT is looking for artists and cultural workers to write / draw / photograph /collaborate / host / share / participate in what's happening in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. From traditional exhibitions to radical projects, performances and productions, apartment shows and dinner parties, DIRT seeks to document, archive, share, and talk about these cultural happenings in, around, and in-relation to the DMV. 

As an independent platform and resource for art, DIRT seeks to publish, disrupt, and survey the cultural landscape through essays, public intervention, exhibition reviews, poems, interviews, and other non-traditional formats.

With a focus on highlighting the DMV’s art, culture and history, DIRT seeks to use our online platform to advocate for our community’s network of artists, exhibitions, events and happenings in both traditional and unconventional spaces, while mediating between ‘the forces that be’ to imagine areas of growth. 

Interested in pitching a story / idea / interview / something entirely different?

Email us at youvegotdirt@gmail.com with the following information

1. Name

2. Location: Where are you located? DC, Maryland, Virginia, or elsewhere? Though we are DMV-centered, we are open to pitches outside of the Beltway that might relate back to our dialogue. 

3. Short Pitch: In 500 words or less, give us an idea of what you are interested in covering, please include your projected production timeline and the pertinent details - who, what, where, when, why? 

4. Give us a taste of your writing style! : Please attach or link to any relevant writing samples you may have, links to previously published articles, or relevant personal history.