PAPER CUTS / LIVE Conversation

Curated by artist Christopher Kardambikis
at the Washington Project of the Arts

In a live taping of the PAPER CUTS podcast, Founder Kimi Hanauer of Press Press (Baltimore) and co-founders, Ikram Lakhdhar, Georgie Payne, and Valerie Wiseman of DIRT discussed how they work to serve the arts community through publications. 

The podcast was recorded and will be available soon! Link TBA.  

Press Press is an interdisciplinary publishing initiative established in 2014. Press Press’s publishing practice is organized around two key goals; first, to shift and deepen the understanding of voices, identities, and narratives that have been suppressed or misrepresented by the mainstream, so far focusing on immigration and race in the United States; and second, to build networks of relationships through publishing practices centered on self-representation and gathering. Through an understanding of publishing as the act of gathering a public, Press Press’s streams of work include public cultural programming, an open-access publishing studio that’s based on an Exchange Economy, publishing workshops in an immigrant & refugee only space, and the ongoing production of print and digital publications. Press Press operates out of a storefront studio and library in Baltimore, MD.

Paper Cuts is a program on Clocktower Radio that documents the contemporary world of zines and DIY publishing.