“Anytime two entities interact, they entangle”

- The Age of Entanglement, Louisa Gilder

DIRT is pleased to introduce ‘Entanglements’: a new series of artists in conversation with friends, family, partners, or those who know them on an interpersonal level and have seen their work evolve over a significant duration of time. We are interested in facilitating, making public, and archiving conversations that are often already held in private. We believe in the power of intimate conversation as a source of trust and authenticity   

While these conversations might be conventionally considered a ‘conflict of interest’ by journalism standards, we welcome the biases as a way to see the artists through the eyes of those who know them best: as a whole person with narratives beyond just artistic practice.

Entanglements 001: Jordan Martin & Adrienne Gaither

Entanglements 002: Martina & Monique Dodd

Entanglements 003: Daizy & Steven Cushner 

Entanglements 004:  Asha Elana Casey & Lionel Frazier White III

Entanglements 005: Nakeya Brown & Larry Cook

Entanglements 006: Joseph Orzal, George Ciscle & Jose Ruiz

DIRT Editors